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All testimonials have come from clients who have worked with Jean:

"I have developmental trauma (also known as complex trauma) and have worked with Jean over the past three years.

 It’s taken time as developmental trauma Is complex but the results have been amazing, clearing stuck emotional and behavioral patterns, less dissociation, improved cognitive function, less anxiety and just better functioning. Jean really knows her stuff and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone that has any kind of trauma or PTSD or just wants to improve function in any area of their lives."

Female, 45

I can’t believe how quickly time has flown since I spent that week having treatment with you

It has been just over 4 weeks so I am reporting in on my great progress As mentioned to you during that week, I had started to feel much happier and optimistic singing in the car etc. 

When I left on Saturday I had a happy/sad trip home - although I was happy, when a song was played that was part of my wedding, I cried and cried for my husband who had passed away over 18 years ago. True emotion I haven't experienced for so long. It’s as though in the brain adjustment I have been given the opportunity to grieve further which is always a good thing.

Sunday I feel energised and start thinking of the future and things I want to do now that I have the energy. Tuesday I discovered the taste of food again (this is a miracle!) I was eating the meal that my husband had prepared and heard myself say “wow this is delicious” then realised what I had said! From then on I took note of my reaction to eating foods and I definitely have regained an interest in flavour and taste of food - that is amazing.

So many small changes have occurred and one big one is in how my gut reacts to conflict and negotiating issues/conflict prior to treatment. My body always internalised this into a tightening of the gut/intestines causing great discomfort digestion issues etc. I now notice that over the weeks since treatment this has gradually declined markedly and now almost never happens - this is a major breakthrough. As this has happened all of my life - to such an extent that as a child I would suffer extreme debilitating colic caused during the family trauma violent issues.

I can now handle the facts and reality of what has happened in the past, not personalising it or internalising issues - a really wonderful change. Physically I feel really light like I am carrying no burdens, also during my weeks treatment I lost 2 kilos in weight and I have continued to lose weight -I feel like my body is returning to the one that I know and love instead of feeling like a puffed up balloon. So that is fantastic. I have almost no aches and pains in my joints only from the muscles when exercising (much needed). My feeling of happiness shows in my feeling optimistic, energised and  the enjoyment of sex has also made a welcome return! Such is my feeling of happiness, I feel like skipping along (instead of walking) much like a child would demonstrate happiness

I find that I am louder (in a good sense) in expressing my opinion and not so subdued or careful in my speech. I guess that reads as being also much more confident in myself. As I said a lot of smaller things that have added up to very big changes in how much better my life is and the freedom to be happy and be myself! Really, really wonderful it has made such a difference to me and then those around me as well. Optimism and happiness seem to spread!

I can’t thank you enough for your patience and care in providing this treatment, resulting in me being able to live life to my full potential

Female, 35

Stress & Anxiety

Working with Jean has helped me to become more resilient in dealing with the stress of just being alive and the everyday ‘stuff’ that we all have to deal with. I am now also more resilient to the stress of having family and friends that I care about getting sick and old.

Female, 62


I chose to see Jean for many reasons, including to help depression, addictive behaviour, nightmares and panic attacks. My goals also included to overcome the tension in my gut, improve memory and past stressful events in my life. 

Since working with Jean I've been doing really well. I now have a lot more energy since my sleep has gotten better! I am feeling more productive and proactive, its great!

Overall a big thanks to Jean, its been really great.

Male, 26


General Wellbeing

Coming to work with you for the week was an amazing experience. It was an expensive investment. However, I have reaped great rewards and so pleased I made that choice to come.

Since the sessions, I am certainly in a better position cognitively, emotional and physically. Once I left, I noticed that things flowed and I noticed an increase in confidence, ability to concentrate, and better emotional regulation. Although I am now 60, I have a new lease on life and have so many interests and things I wanted to experience, do or study- it was as if my life was on hold for so long.  

I can now see the joy in my face in photographs and I am allowing time now to focus on meditation and the spiritual side of life. I eat better and feel I am working towards improved health and wholeness. Looking forward to seeing you and telling how much better my life has been- the real me has emerged and it has been so liberating. 

Female, 60 



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